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Lithuania (August 01, 2019): The Al Badie Group is one of the longest running and most recognized real estate companies in the UAE. This organization had been set up even before UAE was formed, and is stronger than ever today with more than a thousand workers from a wide variety of industries working here. 

The organization has many decision makers and directors, and Mr. Khaled Al Badie is one of them. He is of the strong belief that there are many capabilities of the private sector, and that it may play a big role in developing a particular area, as well as of a whole nation. The organization that he is a part of shows that a corporate organization can have a big role to play in developing a particular area where the company is based in, as well as of the whole United Arab Emirates.

The group started out in 1967 as a real estate agency and slowly evolved to open up more businesses, such as hospitals, travel, car rental, oil, electricity, tourism, funding, gas etc. Today, ABG is one of the oldest business groups in the industry with a huge presence and an employee-strength of over 1000. Mr. Badie is proud to be associated with this group. 

About Khaled Al Badie
Mr. Al Badie is the CEO of ABG and has been with the group for many years. He is in charge of overseeing many of the important functions and responsibilities of this organization. 

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