FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE offers an incredibly simply way to start an Estonia company. Their team of professional consultants and lawyers will set you up in Estonia quickly, correctly and hassle free.

Estonia is one of the best countries in the world for startups. It has often been painted as a nation with an open economy, where innovation is considered common. A vital advantage of Estonia is the positive involvement of the private sector in the state’s policy-making and legislation. Startups have functioning cooperation forms with the state, and the companies themselves interact with each other closely. It creates awareness and also provides a decent base for supporting business activities both in the initiation phase and in the future. 

Entrepreneurs love Estonia due to its low level of bureaucracy, simple tax system, 0% corporate income tax, access to governmental online services, and low state fees & membership of the EU, Eurozone, NATO, OECD and Schengen Area. With, you can register a business in Estonia from anywhere in the world without even printing out anything. is the leading Estonia company registration firm. Your business will be set up in Estonia quickly and easily.

Before you register a new company with, you need to choose a unique name. will register your tailor-made company with the name of your choosing within 24 hours. All they need are the company name, company’s e-mail address, business category, and information of shareholders and board members of the company. Company’s name must be distinguishable from other already registered business names and trademarks, and its suitability can be compared against already registered business names and trademarks. 

Starting a business can be expensive, which is why all of’ bundles are affordable for everyone. When you contact them, they’ll answer any questions you have and explain anything you’re unsure of.

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