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Abu Dhabi, UAE (August 03, 2019): Mr. Khaled Al Badie has completed many years in ABG, one of the most prestigious organizations in the UAE and is known for taking many important decisions that has helped boost the fortunes of the organization and provided it with a new direction, steering it to a new path of growth and expansion. 

The Al Badie Group of Companies was established in 1967. Badie holds many important positions in the group, such as Managing Director of the North Trading Establishment-ABG, Al Badie Travel Agency – ABG, South Trading Establishment – ABG and North Property Management Establishment – ABG. He is the Chair of the Finance & Investment committee – ABG, the Projects Owners committee – ABG and the Investment committee – Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Company Insurance v.p. He is the Vice Chairman of Al Ain Al Ahlia Insurance Company, and Vice President & CEO of Al Badie Group ABG. He is also the Chief Financial Officer – ABG.

Badie has played a very active role in the group, and his excellent and impeccable decision making abilities have helped him to hold the portfolios of Head of Asset Management Group, Deputy General Manager of the Investment Banking Division and Secretary of the Board of Directors. He is supported by a team of many qualified professionals. 

About Khaled Al Badie
The Vice President of ABG, Mr. Al Badie is one of the key driving forces behind the organization and holds many important positions there. 

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Mr. Khaled Al Badie
Address: 3790 Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
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