Krammerville, Sandton (September 30, 2019) - Thousands of women and young girls from around the nation gathered to be a part of Alleluia Ministries International women conference. They came for the much awaited event called “Who Touched me” which was a reference from bible in Mark 5: 25-24. The main aim of the conference was to work out on some of the issues related to women like diseases, marital problems, joblessness, stagnant life and more. 

This conference was led bPastor Alph Lukaualso the founder of Alleluia Ministries Church. This conference took place for a period of 2 days and featured impartation service, designed for the women. The event was hosted on 8th and 9th of August 2019 at the AMI headquarters in Sandton.

This conference by Alph Lukau made one stern announcement that a woman is an incubator, which later opened up to the promotional video of the church. The video announcement continued by stating, “Women are well-crafted to carry new lives within them. But for most of them, it feels like they are carrying a lifeless dream and waiting for miracles to happen. It resulted in giving birth to nothing but pain and disappointments. This error needs to be corrected and fast!”

Right from the time the event got announced, the event managed to capture that positive atmosphere, which latest till the end of it. Pastor Lukau made sure that the event took place well. Some of the social media activists were heard stating, “It is really amazing to know that pastors still care about women and society. We are so grateful to Prophet Lukau for honoring this event and making it such a huge success.”



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