23rd September 2019 - KCB Sports LLC, incorporated on January 2018, has already made it's standing differentiable as a Health Studio. Today, they are rated one of the best Gyms in Poland, and presently, the company is planning for a massive expansion program so that it can tap the highly potential market in the country for the similar scopes of services. The company is going to launch its crowdfunding program to support its expansion plan in October 2019.

When it comes to the wellness industry, Poland has significant potential for the providers of the identical scopes of services. A recently conducted market research exhibited the fact that, in comparison with the standing for the similar scopes of services in other countries in Western Europe, Poland is a much promising market. For instance, in comparison to Germany’s standing of 1700 Health circles, Poland presently has only 50 circles. Likewise, while the percentage of the total population, having memberships to Gyms in countries like the Netherlands and Germany ranges between 13 to 22%, for Polans, the standing is around 7.8%. This implies, in Poland, there is a massive potential for the similar scopes of services, as people are looking for the best gyms. So far the expansion program of KCB is concerned, they are trying to explore this potential, with a special thrust being given to the population that includes the Plus size individuals, across various age groups.

“We feel, a solid demand exists in the Polish market for the best grade wellness services, and we are pledged to reap this potential, ensuring that the mass gets access to the best Gyms and wellness centers. Our company is going to launch a crowdfunding program from October 2019 to raise the necessary finance to support this cause. One can say, we are looking for a development model that will be made by people for their own sake”

About KCB Sports LLC:
KCB Sports LLC is a Health studio, offering a plethora of Gyanisum services under one roof.

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