Katlehong, South Africa (September 30, 2019) - Happenings Ministries in Katlehong is a place for thousands of believers to come and gather every Sunday for witnessing the power and magic of self-proclaimed resurrection pastor Paseka ‘Mboro’ Motsoeneng. He was known to attempt miracle right on air during his famous TV shows, which aired every weekend on Soweto TV. In some such attempt, Mboro did something quite unexpected, which added to the notorious act of fake pastor and prophet in South Africa.

Sunday journalists have reported his performing healing ritual using some of the unorthodox manners. It all started with a 17 year of teen girl, who approached the pastor complaining about her tummy being swollen due to curse, cast upon by a sorcerer. The fake prophet then started the ritual by sitting on the girl’s lap and placing his hand on her head, chanting a prayer. Then, when he started praying, she collapsed. At that time the pastor told the 17 year old to open her legs and plunged his fingers into her vagina, shocking the entire crowd.

If that was not enough, Mboro took the action way too far by calling out a second woman on stage who complained of pain during sex. Following the same practice, he put his foot on the second woman’s vagina. “Something is breathing in her biscuit and it feels like a heartbeat.” he stated. Later, he put holy water on his hand and then rubbed her genitals.

Following such similar controversies is not something new for the prophet but these actions took his deeds to a whole new level.