Abu Dhabi, UAE (August 03, 2019): Khaled Al Badie happens to house the major position among the current banking sector along with some of the other financial investment sectors and even that of the private sector under the name of ABG. The main aim okhaled Al Badie is to work on the promising banking sector, and to give this source a good name as people have opted for. With years of experience in the banking sector, he is known to have been associated with the changes taking place and offer same response as of now.

He was a part of Al Badie Group, and he is also associated with the Abu Dhabi National Bank. Here, he holds some of the major positions in here. Right from hosting the position of secretary of the Board of Directors to even Deputy General Manager of the current Investment Banking Division, there are so many important points addressed in this lot. He further played the role of Head member of the Asset management Group.

“The main aim of my banking game is to understand what this source has in mind and then offer the same to the people in need of it. For me, checking out the financing business and working on its values will help out big time.” as stated by Al Badie himself.

About Khaled Al Badie:
Khaled Al Badie is a name associated with banking sector for a long time, mainly with the Abu Dhabi National Bank.

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