Almost everyone is still immersed in the winter of 2018, the technology companies in the AI field have already taken the lead in the battle in the new year. Then, can the year 2019 really become a year to realize the mass production and scale of artificial intelligence? AI chips seem to have become a topic that technology providers in this field cannot bypass.

Visual AI, which is now the most popular area in the deep learning, has already acquired the goal easy to achieve in computer vision. Whether it is image or video, you can see a lot of frameworks and libraries, which makes computer vision easy to accomplish.

In order to achieve the strategic landing of multi-modal AI chips, in addition to voice technology, WIMI Hologram AR has strong and industry-leading technical strength. WIMI holographic computer vision AI synthesis: image information acquisition precision is about 10 times higher than the industry level, and its computer holographic vision AI synthesis processing ability is about 80% better than the industry average level. WIMI holographic computer vision presentation: multiple parameter dimensions are set up to control the image precisely, and the simulation is far beyond the industry average level. WIMI holographic cloud software development: integrating multiple business and holographic technology functional modules to provide customers with one-stop solutions. With the help of multi-modal technology based on face information analysis, the face / object recognition, facial expression analysis, tagging, lip-moving status tracking and other functions can be realized, which can provide more playability and flexibility for product interaction and user experience.

At present, WIMI Hologram AR has become China’s largest holographic comprehensive solution provider, and its holographic computer visual copyright, number of holographic technology related patents and software copyrights are the first in the industry. It capabilities cover various links from computer visual production, service platform construction to cloud software development and technical support. Compared with other companies in the same industry, it has a more comprehensive one-stop service capability.

Without a chip, it is difficult to combine with the algorithm. In this process, the boundary is blurred. With the continuous evolution of the technology, the scenario continues to deepen and puts forward more needs. At this stage, a key scenario will be selected for the Internet of Thing to better combine the computing power and application services.

WIMI Hologram AR covers many links of holographic AR technology, including the holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising, holographic ARSDK payment, 5G holographic communication software development, holographic face recognition development, and holographic AI face changing development. With the one-stop service capabilities, it has grown into one of the largest providers of integrated holographic cloud technology solution providers in China.

WIMI Hologram AR has made major breakthroughs and leap-frog development in holographic application fields such as advertising, entertainment, education, and 5G communications. It aims at the in-depth research and development and market application of all links in the holographic 3D computer, including the vision collection, AI synthesis, transmission, presentation and application. It is also committed to constructing a scalable and open service platform, building a bridge between holographic technology application and holographic computer vision presentation, achieving the presentation of the application of holographic computer vision in different scenes, and promoting the leap-frog development of the industry, in order to realize the vision of WIMI Hologram AR, “to become the creator of China’s holographic ecology ”

The holographic computer vision data acquisition is a stereoscopic 3D computer vision with an extremely high degree of simulation that is formed by the complex image information acquisition thorough dozens of or more cameras and computer synthesis technology.

The holographic computer visual presentation is implemented through fixed or mobile projection devices that allow people to see the image integrating 3D computer vision and real world. It is a way to realize augmented reality.

The holographic computer vision and augmented reality-related technologies have broad application prospects. The application scenarios include but not limited holographic cinema, holographic theater, holographic education, holographic advertising, holographic entertainment, holographic exhibition, holographic new retail, holographic high-end home applications, holographic vehicle-mounted products, holographic social contact, holographic communication, etc.

Until now, the artificial intelligence industry has not formed a large market, and no company can achieve absolute market monopoly. New-rising enterprises are emerging in the fields of algorithms, frameworks, chips, modules and accelerators, etc.

Now the era of deep learning has come and technology is improving very quickly. It turned out that it is very remarkable to raise one point in a year. So after years of development, everyone has seen many produdcts, including the huge investment of large enterprises. The first ones include Microsoft, Google and Facebook, and they all have their own patents.

Taking SenseTime as an example, its technology patent is the core strategy. In just a few years, dozens of papers have been published at home and abroad on putting the deep learning in the field of computer vision and solving visual recognition. On a global scale, SenseTime and Qualcomm have announced the cooperation of global artificial intelligence industry to combine. Qualcomm’s chips with SenseTime’s algorithm. In the AI field, the only partner of Qualcomm is SenseTime. The reason why SenseTime is recognized by Qualcomm is because SenseTime has patents, which are the main aspects that support the long-term development of SenseTime.

As a representative of the global artificial intelligence filed, MEGVII had a total of 10 papers that are received at the Computer Vision Academic Conference in Munich, Germany in 2018. From the content point of view, the paper covers many aspects of CV technology, ranging from the proposal of a new representation to the design of a new model, to the principle design of neural network, the formulation of new tasks and new methods, and even to the new exploration of weakly supervised learning and so on. The fundamental of technological innovation is talent. MEGVII has been vigorously cultivating China’s own artificial intelligence professionals to create a high-level innovation team. It is reported that MEGVII has established a world-class intellectual property advantage and continuous talent training mechanism. MEGVII’s core algorithm and technical applications have accumulated more than 700 domestic and foreign patents, maintaining China’s first and world leading advantage in the same field.

The combination of 5G and artificial intelligence will really promote the landing and realization of All Internet of Things (AIoT), and the end side and center side need to respond and identify more quickly to achieve more complex functions the large-scale growth of the number of IoT devices, the lower cost of connection, the complex and variable data dimensions, the more vertical applications scenarios and many other challenges will further challenge the design of AI chips on the Internet of Things.

The past few years have been the happiest time for AI enthusiasts and machine learning professionals. Because these technologies have grown into mainstream and are affecting the lives of millions of people. The technology companies in the field such as WIMI Hologram AR, MEGVII, SenseTime and so forth have also made a figure to ensure that they will maintain their advantages in this game. The same is true for data science practitioners. There are many things happening in this field, and you have to run fast enough to keep up with the times.

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