Jiangsu, China (07.06.2019) – Industrial machines undoubtedly plays a significant role in the mechanical operations of the industries rendering exceptional productions and setting new standards. There are different kinds of efficient devices, one out of them is electric chain hoist. A hoist is essentially an apparatus utilized for lifting or bringing down the loads with the assistance of a lift-wheel wrapped by a rope or chain. In fields where bulk-lifting is an important daily activity, manual hoists, electric hoists, and hydraulic hoists are generally used. The electric chain hoist is specifically designed for both industrial as well as small scale operations and helps to save time, money and unnecessary stress in jobs that involve heavy lifting. These machines have the capability to lift heavy items quickly and easily, enabling workers to comfortably and securely move them from one location to another.

China has a number of companies manufacturing electric chain hoist and other related machineries for the world market and one of the most prominent among them is Jiali Machinery Co., Ltd that manufactures “TXK” brand electric hoist, manual hoist and other lifting machines which are extremely popular nationally as well as internationally. Jiali Machinery was established in the year 1997 when its factory was set up in Xuyi Industrial Zone, Jiangsu Province, China covering an area of 56k square meters with 5 production lines and the TKX brand was registered in 2002. The company started trading internationally from 2007, promoting their products through domestic exhibitions, for example, Canton Fair and the price of their products and services were accepted by clients based in Southeast Asia and South American countries. For the next few years Jiali Machinery worked hard to provide finest quality products with portable designs at affordable prices to customers and at present their products are successfully recognized, relied upon and exported to Middle East, Africa, Europe, and other countries and regions besides Southeast Asia and South American countries. The company has consistently invested on its R&D department which was built during the creation of the company itself and over the years, it has grown rapidly and at present has 10 doctor degree engineers with over 2 decades of experience in this field.

TKX brand of lifting hoist machines are extensively used in logistics, machinery production, bridge construction, aviation, and various other industries. Their primary product electric chain hoist ranges from 300kg to 50ton and the electric motor partial outer cover of the hoists are solid and light ideal for use in electroplating factories, chemical places, etc. while the chains are made of ultra strong heat treatment alloy steel. The manual lifting series of products manufactured by Jiali Machinery includes chain block, lever block, beam clamp, brake hand winches, hand pulley block, and more. Besides these, the company also produces lifting accessories like monorail trolley, roller skates, wire rope puller, permanent magnetic lifter, etc. and jib crane, bridge crane, light crane, cargo lashing, and various other items. All detailed information about these products and TXK brand electric chain hoist can be found on the official website of Jiali Machinery Co., Ltd, the link for which is

About TXK
TXK brand of electric chain hoist, manual hoist, and other lifting machines are manufactured by China based company Jiali Machinery Co., Ltd. These TXK brand products enjoys great reputation domestically as well as in overseas market like South America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, and various other countries and regions.

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