(6th July, 2019): PTJ CNC Machining is here to introduce the 5-axis machining to the customers, by not just providing the best items that the market has to see, but also making people understand it all too well. This 5 Axis based machining is mainly defined as a proficient mode of the CNC based machine tool, which is referring to three of the major moving axes, which are X, Y and Z, along with two of the rotating axes. Whenever compared to the 3 Axis one, this 5 Axis option is categorized as a major tool to be positioned and then connected in the 5 degrees of freedom, whenever the machining parts have to deal with complex form of geometry.

This form of machining is widely used to cover the aerospace industry to focus right at the turbine parts, machine body parts and impellers, with some of the free forming surfaces. This tool can actually process multiple sides of the same work piece, without even changing the current position of work piece available on the machine based tool. It can easily improve the current machining efficiency of any prismatic parts.

Under the 5 based Axis CNC Machining, the products are categorized under multiple heads, such as mold CNC machining, parts machining and prototype CNC machining. Each one has its own features to it, making the services perfect for all to consider. The mold CNC machining is made by the professional engineering team of this company, with quality experience in the field of CNC machining of silicone molds, jig, optical and plastic. The same teams are appointed for manufacturing the other CNC machining parts of the 5 Axis one.

“Our high end manufacturing unit is the one to work on the 5 axis based CNC machining parts. We have not only the best team to serve you but also the right equipment, and all will be blend together to focus on creating précised five axis machining, for quite a long time now. Our products are mostly used to cover the aerospace department, to create impellers, turbine pars and even the machine body parts, associated with free-form surfaces.” as said by the media person David Pang of this company.

This firm is offering the best 5-axis CNC machining, designed to cover some of the complex machining designs with rapid minimized setup. It further has the higher rotational accuracy with faster material cutting. The name of this company rises in the mind while thinking about the better surface finishes. With more than a decade of experience right now, this firm is able to use the best raw materials for manufacturing the right CNC mechanism, all too well for the team to enjoy.

About the company:
PTJ CNC Machining is the first name that comes in people’s mind whenever they are thinking of high quality machining parts. This company houses the best manufacturing unit to serve people in the best way possible.

More such details about the company is now available at, with experienced professionals to provide some ideas.

Media contact:
PTJ CNC Machining
Contact Person: Michelle Hong / David Pang
Address: Sifangyuan Industrial Park, Xinshapu, Huaide Community, Humen town, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province.
Telephone: +86 0769 82886112

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