Traverse City, MI (November 23, 2019) – Many taxpayers in the United States wish to learn where to find the IRS Form 1040 and the instructions to fill it. To help them, American Tax Service has posted details about the recent overhaul done in this form.

From American Tax Service, it is clear that the New Form 1040 will be in the size of a postcard. Also, 1040-A and 1040EZ has been completely removed from circulation. Nevertheless, American Tax Service explains that there is a wide range of new schedules and tax credits. The post recommends taxpayers to be aware of the fact that they do not need to give less information that has just been shifted to other forms.

In addition to explaining to taxpayers on where they can get IRS Form 1040, American Tax Service has also explained the best way to fill out the form along with places in which they can use the form.

Apart from providing all these details in the post, American Tax Service has also explained how taxpayers can file their taxes online using H & R Block.

About American Tax Service:
In addition to explaining taxpayers on how to file their taxes online with the help of H & R Block, the American Tax Service also offers a 35% discount on tax filing on H & R Block.

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