26th September 2019: For easy job findings for Canadian individuals, JobISite created a portal for the Canadian employers, and hundreds of businesses and universities with its canada jobs. Here, JobISite will provide services helpful to the employer and job seeker for finding jobs in Canada. There are separate platforms for contract jobs in Canada, part time and even full time Canadian jobs. This job portal will create a base to make it easier to find some new corporations, visa jobs and even contract jobs in Canada. The site is easy to navigate and it is easier to apply for the vacancies.

“By offering free services, we are actually trying to encourage employers to post for some more visa jobs, contract, part time and full time jobs in this portal. Whenever any new job seeker comes, he or she can get direct access to all the available jobs that the Canadian market has for them.” according to the site creator. 

This job portal will further offer Canada work visa learning and information under one platform. It is an easy way to connect with Canadian job seekers and new recruiters. There are some other informative articles on how to live and work in Canada, planning to Canada career and more. Recruiters now have the opportunity to post jobs by just sending emails. There is a separate portion in here, talking about guides and information on other types of Canadian work visas.

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