New York, USA (July 05, 2020) - An eminent organization associated with the sales of high quality bed products, YNMHome makes blankets with 7-layer weighted technology and therapeutic quality that help users to sleep peacefully. In 2018, its weighted blankets were awarded the award “Blankets that ease anxiety” by the Time Magazine. In 2020, the brand celebrates two years of that award with plans to bring out more improved YNM weighted blanket and YNM weighted blanket cover. 

These ynmsleep blankets are made with moisture wicking technology, and are constructed in such a way that they help in the even distribution of their weight all through. Users can feel very much at ease when they wrap them. These are made with powerful heat control features, and can allow users to enjoy a cool and comfortable temperature as they go to sleep. 

The fabric of the blankets are cool to touch, and can be the best choice for people who often wake up from sleep sweating profusely. On long distance travel by bus, ship, train or trailer, the blankets from YNM sleep can come in handy. 

On the second anniversary of its receiving the award from the Time Magazine, the YNM company is planning to introduce a new line of weighted blankets that would have even more features without any change in the price tag. At the wake of the Covid 19 outbreak, the company hopes that its blankets would provide even more people with relief and rest. 

About YNMHome
YNMHome is home to the best weighted blankets that are made with superior therapeutic methods and boast of cutting-edge technologies, such as Deep Touch Stimulation (DTS). It is located in New York.

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