New York, USA (July 04, 2020) - Poor sleep is one of the main causes of a wide range of health problems and disorders, such as tension, stress, panic, anxiety, high blood pressure, diabetes, lethargy, poor concentration and much more. Weighted blankets have scientifically been proven to be very useful in putting users at ease and help them enjoy better sleep. The ynm weighted blanket has been highly appreciated for being able to offer superior comfort to users. 

These blankets are also offered with stylish ynm weighted blanket cover that have a soft fabric and come in varied colors. These can match different types of blankets and beds, and can easily match inner décor. Those who use these blankets and covers will have much to thank YNM for.

The ynm bamboo duvet cover is made of bamboo fiber and is organic, which means that users do not suffer from any allergenic reaction when they use these covers. Much like the blankets, these happen to be antibacterial in form, and ensure that users can sleep peacefully at night, or whenever they like, without worrying about bacterial infection. 

With Deep Touch Stimulation (DTS) technology that is able to evenly distribute weight all over the body, such types of blankets can feel like giving a warm hug when users wrap them around themselves. These can be extremely relaxing and can put users almost immediately at ease, reducing their heart rate and controlling their racing thoughts, which is what people need for a peaceful sleep. 

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YNMHome is associated with the sales of very superior weighted blankets that are exported to, and used in, various countries across the world. 

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