June 17, 2020: Chinese novels have a great mix of myths, legends and age-old traditions with the modern way of life, and packaged in an interesting format. These are a perfect blend of the magical and mystical with cutting edge lifestyle. The online English reader community has long been curious about novels like President Daddy's Excessive Love. At Mylovenovel, one can enjoy these in the best English translations. 

Mylovenovel has readers from many countries, such as Singapore, Canada, Brazil, Britain, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, USA and more. Readers love to enjoy these and have the most amazing experience, getting lost in the wonderful Eastern world with its Oriental charm that is unique. Each of the novels that are featured in Mylovenovel are true representations of China, penned by Chinese authors who know the culture and traditions of their country well enough to describe them accurately. 

The website has the mission of promoting the literature of China in English translation. Mylovenovel focuses on bringing new novels from modern writers of China. Readers can get the chance to enjoy the best of modern Chinese literature, and stuffs that are not already available in English to read but deserved to be translated. 

With catchy titles like My Dangerous Billionaire Husband and CEO's Secret Lover, this website has been catching eyes and capturing the hearts of readers around the world. It has some of the best translators who are always encouraged to offer literary translation of the highest standards. The makers of the website highlight or offer academic resources, information and opportunities, along with mentoring support, given that excellent translations need high quality translators. 

Mylovenovel spots the best of modern Chinese writing, and loves to promote the same to readers who like stuffs in the English language. It has an extensive database comprising of Chinese novels, translated into the English language - chapter after chapter. All the translated works that are featured here are fully free to read. 

The translators can offer translation works of a superior quality, and have the skills and knowledge to know that good translation is not a word-by-word conversion; rather, a conveyance of the same underlying meaning in a different language. 

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Mylovenovel is a one-stop resource when it comes to Chinese to English translated novels. This is a site where readers from the Western world can enjoy the best of Chinese modern literature online without paying anything. 

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