May 29, 2020: B3 FLEX is a highly gifted rapper with a great promise and he is all set to work on a successful career as a music artist. As an unsigned artist who has captured the spotlight, he has constantly strived to prove people wrong with his music. B3 FLEX has been freestylin' for quite some time around the streets and alleys of Compton which made it possible for him to perfect his art and skill as a writer. B3 FLEX eventually expanded his music into the studio and started recording his music. This made it possible for him to handing out his music CDs across numerous local stores. From the very beginning, B3 FLEX had a skill of combining catchy lyrics with truly unique sounds and this made it possible for him to capture the attention of his intended audience.

Coming from a background of a troubled family, B3 FLEX faced his own share of rejections before he had the chance to be at the limelight. B3 FLEX was born on 2nd October 1993 in a single-parent home. Only at the age of 11, he saw his father being taken to the prison. Lacking any proper older male figure on whom he could look up to, he relied on his big brother a lot. It was his big brother who later introduced him to the world of music. He grew up in an area where there was a lot of drugs and crime and it was only his music that enabled him to stay away from such mess. B3 FLEX allowed his music to guide him through the darkness so that he can chase his dreams.

About B3 FLEX: 
B3 FLEX is a rapper who is known for making really catchy music for his audience. 

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