June 17, 2020: It could be attributed to the sameness of Western literature, or the lack of new authors that this decade has not witnessed much literature to write home about. Thus, Chinese literary works, which have been out of reach for Western readers for a really long time, seems to be filling the gap – when it comes to the demand for new content. Mylovenovel brings the best of Chinese-to-English translated works to its readers, who are familiar with English and curious about Chinese literature. 
The website is enjoyed by many readers around the world. In the last 1 year itself, Mylovenovel has managed to get as many as 1 million users – and has proven its worth and popularity in the online world. This is an interesting website that hires the best translators who come up with the most superior translations of novels penned by modern Chinese authors who have created a splash with their titles that are a mix of the old and the new, traditional with the modern. 

Whether it comes to CEO's Mistaken Wife or President's Contract Wife, the site has been loved for the best quality translations that are in stark contrast to what is available in most other websites out there. Mylovenovel is proud of the treasure trove of information about Chinese authors, as well as their works which are being translated every day into English by its translators. There are thousands of entries, which makes this website one of the most updated and valuable online resources, available free of cost. 

Established by a group of translators, this site is enjoyed by millions of English readers worldwide. It has the support of many people who love to read Chinese books. Within a short time, Mylovenovel has been able to make great strides in the translated literary works industry. It appears to be here to stay. The website has one of the largest collections of translated Chinese literature that can be read and enjoyed free of cost. It is a reliable resource that is steadily growing popular with time in the online reader community. 

About Mylovenovel
Mylovenovel is a website where one can get My Youth Began with Him and other popular Chinese novels translated into the English language. It has been around for quite some time and is famous for its collection of exquisite translated works.

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