June 17, 2020: Novels penned by Chinese authors, were unavailable for readers even a few years back. But that is not the case anymore. At Mylovenovel, one can enjoy some of the hottest romance novels like The Tycoon's Daring Wife that have been loved for their sensuous literary appeal. Teens as well as young adults like to read these novels and experience their hearts skipping a beat. 

The young reader population is growing in number, and most of it likes to get a different experience than what the previous generation was content with. This holds true for novels of the romance genre as well as fantasy novels, adventure, historical romance, modern romance and more. Chinese novels, hitherto unavailable to the Western readers, are now becoming easily available. These have an unmistakable Oriental charm that has hooked young readers with a sensation of newness. 

Titles like My Youth Began with Him are being lapped up at Mylovenovel. These are being enjoyed for their literary beauty as well as the romantic descriptions that have been penned beautifully. Earlier, the Chinese readers could only enjoy the beauty of these literary works. Only a few Chinese novels that are regarded as classics had been translated into the English language. 

However, Mylovenovel has taken on itself to make even modern novels – such as those in the Mills & Boon genre - available for readers of the Western world. These come with the promise of thrill, romance, fantasy, supernatural and more that can arouse different emotions in readers across the globe. 

The website employs the best writers to come up with the best translations, and mentors them well enough to get the most superior translated works. This goes on to explain why the site has achieved a million-strong user base within a short time. Every day, its number of users is growing and readers are coming up to enjoy the best creations in a language that they are familiar with. Despite translation, the meaning and feel of the Chinese language is not completely obliterated. Although the works are in English, what the Chinese authors wished to convey in their mother language remains intact. 

About Mylovenovel
Mylovenovel is a great resource of the choicest Chinese titles – such as A Romantic Night: Get a CEO Home - translated into the English language, and features genres like action, romance and fantasy. 

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