June 16, 2020 - Books are a great way for people to understand various topics. However, certain books are not just interesting. They are educational as well and can unleash new insights into different professional fields. This is applicable for Symptoms of Unknown Origin: A Medical Odyssey by Clifton K Meador, a physician. 

This book chronicles the author’s observations that he learned about the field of medicine and the nature of clinical practice. He intends to share his learnings with other professionals to help them find a better correlation between the mind and body - a topic that is still vehemently ignored by the medical field. This book is a brilliant read for those who see patients on first contact, general internists, family physicians, general practitioners, and nurses.

The author traces his professional life and transformation as a physician. Early in his practice, he found that many patients carried diagnoses of diseases they did not have, i.e., false diagnoses. Often these patients had no definable medical disease. They had symptoms but no medical disease. He labeled these as symptoms of unknown origin (SUO). He defined SUO as “two or more symptoms lasting more than a month for which a thorough diagnostic workup fails to find a medical disease.” These patients have symptoms but no known disease. With careful listening and observations, he was able to find causes for the symptoms in most such patients. Leading him to say, “there may not be a medical disease behind every symptom, but there is a cause if the physician listens carefully to the life narrative of the patient.” Case by case, he tells the stories of many of these patients with SUO, illustrating the need for careful listening and a trusting relationship.

Symptoms of Unknown Origin: A Medical Odyssey by Clifton K Meador is now available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle, audiobook, library binding, and paperback versions. To buy the book, please click the following link

Author Name: Clifton K Meador
Book title: Symptoms of Unknown Origin: A Medical Odyssey
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