(July 22, 2020) – In the present situation, in many schools classes are conducted online. So, in many instances, students will have to handle their doubts themselves. The more they practice, the more knowledge they can gain. Even, exercises will help them know how far they have understood the subject that was taught to them online on a given day. To help them with this self-preparation, Net Explanations stands the best source online for CBSE Exercise and practice solution.

Not just for CBSE students, Net Explanation also offers ICSE Exercise and Practice Solution. So, students doing their education in an ICSE-board school can benefit from Net Explanation. As the solution is provided by this service along with exercise and practice questions, students can get to know where they stand. They can just practice the questions like a test without seeing the answer initially to know their stand. Then, they can check the correctness of the answers they gave.

Even, Net Explanations offers NCERT Exercise and Practice Solution to help students from classes 1 to 10. Also, the website offers solutions to many exercise questions from popular authors like ML Aggarwal, Lakhmir Singh Manjit Kaur to name a few.

About Net Explanations:
The goal of Net Explanations is to become the source online for solutions to all kinds of equations. So, the website has different categories to help students.

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