Canada (July 21, 2020) - Jonn Poker is a Toronto based makeup artist and a popular face among YouTube beauty personalities. He has inspired many with his amazing music videos and makeup tutorials. Poker, born on November 30, 1995, as Giovanni Paterno is from Vittoria, a small town in Sicily, Italy. He grew up to be a major social media influencer in his own right. Poker is a content creator and influencer on YouTube and his makeup tutorials and videos have influenced many with his unique flare of originality. Poker has established himself as a major trendsetter with his androgynous looks and for creating high quality video content for his YouTube channel.

Apart from being a well-known influencer on YouTube, Jonn Poker also has a strong online presence in other social media networks like Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. Being a highly successful Instagram influencer, Jonn Poker regularly offers updates and new posts that share his quirky and original ideas on makeup and looks. His makeup ideas are always catchy and uplifting and are perfect for anyone who loves to stand out in a crowd. Jonn Poker always makes Instagram posts that are one of a kind as he believes that people should do make-up in a way that shows their best selves. Following his tips and innovative make-up ideas ensures one less prone to goof-ups while getting decked up! Only with loads of confidence up his sleeves can one step out in style.

While Jonn Poker has established himself as a truly talented makeup artist and social media influencer, he is often compared with the likes of James Charles and Jeffree Star who are his contemporaries. Many have noted that Jonn Poker is taking ahead the androgynous trend which was previously popularized by Jeffree Star and James Charles. Jonn Poker, in his various social media channels, has time and again opined to shut all comparisons and people should tag him as a distinct individual, known for his own true mettle- in the form of make-up, style and fashion! Jonn Poker continues to turn more heads and inspire others with his highly creative and innovative sense of makeup.

About Jonn Poker
Jonn Poker is a renowned makeup artist in Canada. He is also a name to reckon with as a YouTube influencer who has a strong presence on Instagram. His creative streak when it comes to make-up has been lauded by many.

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