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August 5th 2020, Nashville, Tennessee –

Michael Weist has brought together all his affiliated companies in a multi-business restructure to form the The Michael Weist Company, LLC. The Michael Weist Company strengthens his network across his affiliated companies to take advantage of emerging opportunities across not only, all entertainment genres, (as well as their existing work in film, television, branded entertainment, digital, short films, documentaries, music video, e-commerce, talent management, and live events) but also opens the door into the more traditional business landscape - to include services like insurance, residential rentals, & more.

Michael G. Weist III (@TheMichaelWeist) who is “one of the most successful managers in the social media space, steering the careers of Youtubers with millions of followers” - according to The Los Angeles Times, will assume the role of President & CEO, working with his existing team and partners, including Juice Krate Media Group, LLC to oversee the future strategic direction of the The Michael Weist Company.

“We have brought together our talent, capabilities and creative resources under the The Michael Weist Company roof, and I look forward to maximizing the creative opportunities we now see unfolding. Just as we have provided creative solutions for all things digital, we are able to now provide creative solutions to our services like insurance - something everyone must have, but often think too little of.” said CEO & President, Michael Weist.

The Michael Weist Company’s capabilities provide bespoke solutions in all aspects of business; from insurance to the ever-evolving digital & media landscape. The companies will continue to operate autonomously, but now offer clients synergy under The Michael Weist Company offering. Moreover, In utilizing TMW Group, LLC (founded by Michael’s father), The Michael Weist Company offers customized services in insurance & financial services - offering solutions from over 20 different insurance carriers to provide clients with the best rate & coverage available.

The Company also includes digital and influencer centric company Juice Krate Media Group, which operates on everything from branded content curation to live event production. Juice Krate has collaborated and with top tier brands and partners (including Fashion Nova, Curology, Disney, Warner Brothers, Hulu, Insomniac, Nike, Coca-Cola, & more) over the past year, making an indelible mark in the entertainment industry. Juice Krate Media Group is focused on steering influencers & helping to launch solid careers that have the ability to the bridge the gap between web and the mainstream media & marketplace.

“I’m super excited for the future!” said The Michael Weist Company, LLC President & CEO, Michael Weist. “We’ve mastered all things digital. Now it is time to expand our capabilities into the future. We are able to offer a synergistic approach - offering customers and clients key solutions, while sticking to the integrity of the Weist brand. Our collaboration with TMW Group and our expansion to include services like insurance allow us to offer customized and bespoke solutions to everyone - not just fans of digital content. This is a key step in our alignment for the future.”


The Michael Weist Company 

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