London, United Kingdom, May 24, 2020: MusConv is the topmost and only choice of software for people who want to shift their music playlists of choice from one streaming service to another online. Music lovers can convert YouTube to Apple Music as well, given that the software MusConv helps users convert one music file format to another with a lot of convenience. 

It is possible for users to migrate batch playlists as well, and import as many songs as they want to their preferred music platform – be it YouTube, Apple Music or any other platform. The software has support for up to 30 online music and video streaming platforms. 

The software supports almost all types of audio formats. Be it MP2, MP3, WebM or any other file format, it is supported in MusConv. Playlists can be exported and imported in a wide range of formats, such as CSV, XSPF, XML, M3U and WPL. There is no support for music importing in most of the streaming services out there, and this is why a third party software like MusConv is so popular. 

About MusConv
MusConv is a software program that helps transfer music and video playlists very swiftly across streaming platforms on the web, whether YouTube, Apple Music, Deezer or Google Play Music. It is available in 3 full versions, as well as a trial version. 

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