June 12, 2020 - Books are not just about pages filled with words; they help people leave the real world and embark on a journey that’s filled with the author’s imagination. Through books, people can set on a journey that takes them into an alternate reality, and they are the perfect way to understand different cultures, know about other geographies, and a lot more.

Grahame Moore, in his book The Jackeroo: They breed them tough in the bush, does exactly this. He tells a beautiful story of a young man named Tim Johnson, who was having a troubled life as a result of his adoptive family’s farm. Along with this, he was overworked, which resulted in him tramping in the baking heat of Australian outback. This journey gave him a job, mates, and a future. That’s not just where the story ends - as the readers get deep into the narrative, they get to know much more hidden gems. 

The Jackeroo: They breed them tough in the bush by Grahame Moore is now available for purchase in Amazon in Kindle and paperback versions. To buy the book, please click the following link

Author Name: Grahame Moore
Book title: The Jackeroo: They breed them tough in the bush
Company Name: Global Summit House
Contact Person Name: Anna Reid