June 12, 2020 - Society as a whole is continuously battling the substance abuse elephant in the room. Drug use/abuse and dependence can affect the whole family system. One of the most problematic battles that anybody can deal with is that of substance abuse. 

Alcohol or drug addiction can create cracks in families and relationships that can be difficult to mend. In her book, “Not My Son, Not on Mother’s Day,” Theresa Dove Waters chronicles her journey of dealing with her son’s journey with drugs led her to the epiphany to share her journey with millions of people who are struggling with the demon of substance abuse/addiction.

Through this book, she wants to encourage families to gain a better understanding of the impact that addiction can have on the substance abuser and family and how they can deal with it in an assertive aggressive, and healthy manner.

Not My Son, Not on Mother’s Day by Theresa Dove Waters, is now available for purchase on Amazon in Kindle, hardcover, paperback, and mass market paperback versions. To buy the book, please click the following link

Author Name: Theresa Dove Waters
Book title: Not My Son, Not on Mother's Day
Company Name: Global Summit House
Contact Person Name: Anna Reid