London, United Kingdom, May 20, 2020: Amazon Music and Spotify are two of the biggest music streaming websites around, and are enjoyed by thousands of music aficionados worldwide. However, users often complain that they cannot import playlists from one service to another. A third party program, MusConv, fills the gap and addresses this problem. 

When it comes to Amazon Music Unlimited Vs Spotify, both platforms have own pros and cons. However, many people like to enjoy music on both websites. MusConv helps them easily import playlists, even batch playlists, from one service to another. Users can pick the source to export playlists from and choose the destination to import it to, and click on the button ‘Transfer’ to have the migration easily possible within a matter of few minutes. 

The program is available in as many as 3 versions. The most powerful one is Ultimate, while Professional and Basic are the other ones. The pricing tends to vary based on which version one opts for. A 30-day money back guarantee is there for all the versions of this assistive program. 

About MusConv
MusConv is a useful program that comes with many useful features, and allows people to transfer and manage playlists, store and delete the same easily. It can be very assistive for those who cannot spend even a day without enjoying their favorite tracks. 

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