(July 05, 2020) - When it comes to honing a language proficiency, most people tend to give up mid way because they didn’t get a platform they could trust and have their skills tested. The world is getting increasingly connected and people are moving from one corner of the world to another to try out something new. 

A lot of times, when non-native English speakers are planning to shift their base to an English speaking country, they need to have their proficiency in English tested in order to be eligible to move to those countries. Since IELTS is accepted by most Australian, British, New Zealand, Irish, Canadian, European, academic institutions, acing it becomes more important than ever. Even for immigration purposes, IELTS scores can be of great use. 

In order to help examinees of International English Language Testing System or IELTS, Writing9 has laid out a comprehensive website so that those planning to take this exam can have their proficiency level tested. From IELTS writing checker to IELTS writing correction service, they have it all. In order to do an IELTS writing check online through their website, all that someone needs to do is get registered, type their essay, and get an immediate evaluation. Yes, they have made the entire process that easy.

Getting band 7 or above adds a huge mileage to anybody’s profile and Writing9 has all the resources in place to help people get that. Through their writing correction service, users can:

• Estimate their band score before taking the real test
• Discover their weaknesses according to the IELTS marking criteria
• Get suggestions from Writing9 to achieve their target score
• Improve their writing skills in a better way
• Score higher at the IELTS writing test

By opting for a Writing9 plan, users get to enjoy unlimited essay evaluations, band score summary, unlimited premium access to, a copy of the e-book The Ultimate Guide to Get a Target Band Score of 7+, and a lot more.

For more detailed information on their range of IELTS writing correction services, register for one of their writing plans, or for any other information, please visit their official website here

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