June 18, 2020 - The world of books rarely introduces us to characters who become our friends, who take us on a journey of self-discovery, and help us find the true meaning of life. In Search of Sanctuary (Sanctuary Series Book 1) by Jamie Kirby does exactly that by taking readers on a journey to the rough and tumble world of the Bowery. The author tells the story of how the lives of three young souls have torn apart in a single day. 

One horrific event completely changes the direction of their lives, separating them physically but uniting them in parallel, gripping journeys across two continents. Each experiences danger, humor, and near-miss encounters, as well as rare redemption. From North America to Europe, this story is filled with plot twists that keep the readers engaged and intrigued. Once readers start this novel, they find it is almost impossible to put it down without learning how these characters’ experiences, both good and bad, lead to a reckoning, to an absolute truth. In Search of Sanctuary (Sanctuary Series Book 1) by Jamie Kirby is now available for purchase on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback versions. 

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Author Name: Jamie Kirby
Book title: In the Search of Sanctuary
Company Name: Global Summit House
Contact Person Name: Anna Reid