Aberdovey, UK (June 03, 2020) - The dream of a seaside vacation in a cottage can be fulfilled with a stay at Morlais. This is a roomy holiday cottage Mid Wales that is located by the sea in Aberdovey, one of the best vacation accommodations to stay in, while in the UK. It is ideal for taking a break by the seaside and to have a relaxing time with the family. There is lots of space for a decent number of people, and it can offer amazing and unique views.

This Rent Cottage berdovey has 5 bedrooms in all, and one can stay here enjoying all the modern amenities of the 21st century while taking a step back to the days of the past. It is traditional in construction and has a roomy ground floor and upstairs, high roofs and a standard Welsh slate over its roof. 

The village centre is located a little distance away, and there is a flat path along the front of the sea – which makes easy to walk on for people of any type of ability as well as age group. In the Welsh language, the term ‘Morlais’ stands for ‘voice of the sea’ and the waves of the sea are what one can hear at night while lying in bed at the cottage. 

About Morlais
Morlais is a spacious and beautifuholiday cottage Aberdovey that is family-sized and available for rent purposes. It was constructed sometime during the 1860s. 

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