New York, USA (June 27, 2020) - YNMHome, a major company based in the New York, has high quality blankets on sale that can ensure customers who suffer from panic disorder can sleep more peacefully and put their worries to rest, at least for a few hours. 

Filled up with glass beads and made of breathable fabric, these blankets use a Deep Touch Stimulation (DTS) technique that can distribute the weight of the blanket in a uniform manner. Patients who wrap themselves with this YNM weighted blanket can get a warm, hug like sensation that mimics a real embrace from a loved one. Research proves that it can be very useful for them in enjoying sound sleep. 

Panic disorder is a major problem for many people around the globe, and it has only got worse in the recent times. The outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus or Covid 19 pandemic has left the world in a tizzy, and millions are grappling with fear, worries and tension with little success in controlling their emotions. At such a trying time, few people affected with panic disorder can experience any relaxation, when the fear of unemployment, joblessness, financial crisis, health crisis and general insecurity is the norm.

The 7-layer weighted blanket from this NY-based company has a therapeutic quality to it, and allows users to get fast asleep within minutes after sleeping under it. The blankets help soothe the nerves within only a few minutes and can relax racing hearts and minds, thus alleviating panic. 

About YNMHome
A major bed product company based in NY, YNMHome sells weighted blankets of the highest quality. The blankets and YNM weighted blanket cover can be very useful for people who are stressed, depressed or suffering from various disorders. 

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