Fredericksburg, VA (June 25, 2020) - How do reporters make decisions? What’s it really like behind the scenes in politics? Hank Silverberg’s latest book, “The Campaign,” will answer some of those questions and more. The book was created from the experience of Silverberg’s long career as a political reporter, including 25 years in Washington. Though fictional, the narrative and characters could be ripped right from today’s headlines.

Silverberg’s idea for the book came from the heart. “I want the readers to be entertained, but at the same time, understand that journalists are people with lives and families. They do what they do not for money or fame but with patriotic fervor to protect our democracy from corruption”, he said. 

The book focuses on a female Vice-President (Amy Roosevelt) who has to decide if she should challenge a sitting President (Andrew Freeman). She is conflicted by the way he is carrying out a war against America’s biggest enemy—Iran, which is going badly and has cost thousands of lives. What makes this book different? It is layered with background information from real life, which is played out in a fictional main plot.

“I wanted to suggest to readers that the leaders of our country have lost their way and forgotten what defines America,” said Silverberg. 

“The Campaign” by Hank Silverberg is now available for purchase on Amazon in various versions like Kindle, hardcover, and paperback.

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Author Name: Hank Silverberg
Book title: The Campaign
Company Name: Global Summit House
Contact Person Name: Anna Reid