Henan, China (June 24, 2020) - Knkong Electric Co. Ltd is a company based in Henan, China and they serve as professional manufacturers of state of the art electrical switchgear components and other electrical equipments that can be used by clients associated with the EPC or Engineering Procurement Construction industry. Knkong Electric Co. Ltd also offers comprehensive OEM/ODM services and expertise to clients that use their electrical components and products. The switchgears that are designed and manufactured by Knkong Electric Co. Ltd range between 3.6KV and 40.5KV.

Ever since Knkong Electric Co. Ltd has been involved in the production of medium voltage switchgear systems, they have time and again satisfied their local and international customers with their exquisite products and services. The switchgear components created by Knkong Electric Co. Ltd are not only known for their precise internal layout and superior appearance but also for their user friendliness and great safety features. These products are ideal for a wide range of occasions and can be customized to meet specific requirements. Their 33KV switchgear and the 11KV switchgear are some of the most widely used switchgear products in international markets. All of their high, medium and low voltage switchgearsystems are affordable and cost effective. 

About Knkong Electric Co. Ltd: 
Knkong Electric Co. Ltd is one of the best manufacturers of switchgears in the Chinese market. 

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