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August 22, 2020 – Filing of taxes every year is a troublesome task for every individual but has to be done nonetheless. To take the hassle out of this job, Ricky Lavina founded the innovative Taxfyle app which he planned to make the 'Uber' for taxes. Taxfyle simplifies the process of tax filing by connecting customers with a licensed CPA professional to help them easily and efficiently file their taxes while taking 48 hours as the average time for completion. Since its launch in 2015, Taxfyle is now being used by more than 40k individuals to file their taxes, over 2,600 licensed professionals are available on the platform and is 40% cheaper than retail tax. This unique and all useful tax app has been helping individuals and small businesses with all their tax filing concerns as well as CPAs and accounting firms to expand their business and earn extra income.

A one-of-its-kind tax tool being offered by Taxfyle on their official website is the free tax bracket calculator which helps individuals to estimate their federal income tax bracket and annual tax rate. Besides the federal tax bracket calculator, other free tax tools available on the Taxfyle platform includes online income tax calculator which helps to estimate tax refund, small business tax calculator, and sales tax calculator. 

Taxfyle is thus the one stop platform for all tax related needs and is backed by leaders of innovation aiming to transform the tax industry. The free tax tools including the tax bracket calculator can be viewed by visiting Taxfyle’s official webpage

About Tax Bracket Calculator:
Tax filing app Taxfyle is offering the innovative tax bracket calculator on their website to help people estimate their federal income tax bracket. Besides, the platform also provides useful tax tools like income tax calculator, sales tax calculator, and small business tax calculator for free.

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