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Miami, FL (August 16, 2020) – When talking about Limited Liability Companies, they will have to file their income tax returns like other businesses. Now, they can make this filing easier and even they can know in advance how much tax they will have to pay with the help of the LLC Tax Calculator offered by Taxfyle.

Irrespective of whether an LLC is a single-member company, a partnership firm, an S-Corp or a C-Corp, the company can use the business tax calculator offered by Taxfyle to get an estimate of how much tax they will have to pay in a given financial year.

Once they estimate the tax to pay through the corporate income tax calculator offered by Taxfyle, they can just choose a tax professional through this platform to file their income tax returns with ease. The average time for completing all these processes will be just 48 hours. 

So, businesses need not have to wait until the last date to file their income tax returns. They can just use this service and can complete the otherwise strenuous tax filing process and can move on with their business operations with complete peace of mind.

About Taxfyle:
The founder and CEO of Taxfyle, who is a CPA noticed that many clients look for a tax professional only once in a year to file taxes as against having a person as a regular employee. So, he started this service of tax estimation to make things easier.

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