Zhejiang, China (Aug 02, 2020) – Maintaining a chemical-free pool is something most pool owners look for. Now, they can ensure that their pool remains free of chemicals with the help of the bessolar pool ionizer offered by ONOSI Solar with different features.

This solar ionizer will help property owners with a pool in their homes and pool owners to make sure that the pool water is free of chlorine. This device has been created by ONOSI Solar in such a way that it can purify up to 80 m3 of water. It will help with the elimination of algae, bacteria and viruses in the pool water. Even, it will bring down the chlorine in the pool by about 70%.

To make sure that the quality of water in the pool is at the optimal level, this swimming pool ionizer is offered by ONOSI Solar with test strips. Using these strips, the property owner can check the water quality then and there. As the name of this device denotes, it is a solar ionizer. Yes, it takes the power to operate from the sun.

To make this device, the manufacturer has used high-quality purple copper to ensure its long-term efficiency. The cleaning brush that comes with this device will also help.

About ONOSI Solar:
ONOSI Solar holds the pride of being a professional manufacturer of photoelectric photothermal products. One of these products is solar ionizer. 

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