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Tehran-Ashrafi Esfahani (July 24, 2020) – Some people when they move to Tehran for a permanent settlement, they do not want to carry their furniture and other stuff all along. So, to initially manage until they buy a property, they need to rent a furnished apartment or ????? ???????? ????. This is where they can get the best help from 

Apart from providing details of ????? ????? ???? ?? ????? or furnished suite for rent in Tehran, the website also offers details about the attractions in and around Tehran. As they are new, users looking to rent a property in this place will also find the details about the nearby attractions very useful. 

Further, people new to Tehran hiring apartments from this service can get to know about the fascinating festivals celebrated in Tehran. So, if time permits and if they stay in Tehran during these occasions, they can actually visit the festivals. In turn, they get the chance to explore the culture of the locals.

About is a website that belongs to Tehran Furnished. The company is committed to providing short-term and even long-term apartment rental not just for businessmen visiting Tehran, but also for families. The company gives the utmost importance to the safety of customers.

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