(July 25, 2020) – Common users, who have recently moved from Windows operating system to Mac will find that the latter is hard to manage comparatively. But, the good news for them is that DoYourData launches the Start Menu for Mac 4.1, which is offered by the data recovery software expert as a free tool.

With DoYourData Start Menu for Mac, Mac users can smoothly manage their operating system similar to what they do with their Windows menu. With this tool, it will be possible to quickly visit applications and folders similar to Windows OS. Also, the tool has a disk manager that will help Mac users to check their disk information. 

Even, Mac users can format their Mac hard drive or storage media with Disk Manager Facility offered by this tool. The other facilities/features offered by the Start Menu for Mac 4.1 are startup optimization, Mac Cleanup and Task Manager.

One of the users of this tool says "I am a newbie. I don't like the macOS, however, this app makes mac OS become easy and simple to manage."

About DoYourData:
DoYourData is an expert in making data recovery tools. The company has created data recovery tools for Windows, Mac and iOS platforms. The mission of this company is to turn out to be a global leader in data recovery and erasure tool-making.

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