New York, USA (June 30, 2020: YNMHome is a top company that sells top-grade weighted blankets to customers all through Europe and the USA. These are the result of extensive research work, and are like a personal friend to people who are affected by varied health problems. 

The YNM company manufactures high quality blankets that match body shape and can help in tactile arousal. These are able to reduce stress and worries by fitting the body shape, and recreating a warm embrace-like feeling for users. At a time when social distancing has almost kept people isolated from their loved ones, this blanket can be a perfect way to get warmth back into life. 

The YNM blankets are odorless, non-toxic and hypo-allergenic, and have micro glass beads filling them up. The glass beads allow better control of temperature at the time of sleeping, and can help users to be well-rested. Sleeping in a more temperature-controlled environment, users can feel more refreshed when they wake up in the morning. 

Soon after wrapping the body with these blankets, users can feel better, cooler and more comfortable. It is no wonder then that the blankets from this brand have got an award in 2018 from the esteemed Time Magazine. The blankets have an equal weight distribution that calm down hyperactive nerves, and can make rapid thoughts and feelings disappear quickly while sleeping.

About YNMHome
YNMHome is a New York based manufacturer and seller of top quality YNM weighted blanket and YNM bamboo duvet cover that are widely sold in the Europe and USA. These are the outcome of years of R&D, and can be very useful for patients. 

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