(July 10, 2020) - Nothing can replace the power of practice and patience. This statement holds especially true for non-native speakers of English who are preparing for an upcoming IELTS examination. Writing essays requires guidance so that one gets to identify their mistakes and then fix those errors immediately. In this regard, IELTS essay examples play a crucial role to get more and more proficient in a language that one was not born to. 

When it comes to writing great essays in English, IELTS essay samples can help students immensely and familiarize themselves with the topics they would get on the real exam. If one aims at putting their best foot forward while taking an exam, they should practice more by making most use of IELTS samples. Writing9 is a platform that has a plethora of writing samples for all kinds of bands. Those who are planning to get the coveted 9 score, can explore their IELTS writing samples for band 9 which will largely help them with their vocabulary, sentence construction, grammar range, and more.

By signing up for a Writing9 plan, users can take charge of the various attributes of the English language. These include:

• Task Response / Achievement
• Coherence and Cohesion
• Lexical Resource
• Grammatical Range and Accuracy

Along with this, Writing9 also gives registered users an in-depth understanding of how to achieve a great score by using their writing correction service. This includes:

• Estimating their band score before taking the real test
• Discovering their weaknesses according to the IELTS marking criteria
• Using Writing9’s suggestions to achieve their target score
• Improve their writing skills in a better way
• Scoring higher at the IELTS writing test

Users from around the world trust Writing9 with their IELTS preparation and this goes on to show how instrumental they have been in helping as many as 19,505 achieve their life goals. 

For more detailed information on their range of IELTS writing correction services, register for one of their writing plans, or for any other information, please visit their official website here

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