New York, USA (July 02, 2020) - Weighted blankets from YNMHome have been popular for quite sometime. These have a rich appearance as satin, and the exterior fabric is soft and brocaded as well as composed of 100% original bamboo viscose.

The blankets are made of antibacterial fabric, and can help remove as much bacteria as 71% from the surface of bamboo fabric in just 24 hours. Made of luxurious quality bamboo fabric, these blankets are extremely smooth in form. The glass beads and limited fiber filling can be very useful in heat control. 

Composed of cotton, polyester, minky and natural bamboo viscose, the 7-layered blankets from YNM are made with a fully new technology. Other than non-toxic glass beads, the inner filling has rice, polyester pellets as well as many other grains which let the sleep accessories keep their shape easily for the maximum amount of time period. 

The ynmsleep blankets are machine-made as well as handcrafted, and are created with the help of Deep Touch Stimulation Therapy technology that can soothe users’ nerves. Buyers can feel maximum amount of relaxation and comfort, which can help them to sleep much better.

The blankets come with tiny quilted chambers, and comprise of numerous glass beads that are distributed in an even way. While users take rest, they can be assured of a comfortable and soft pressure. The fabric has 300 threads in all, which are moisture absorbing and can allow the surface to remain cool.

About YNMHome
YNMHome, a New York based company, has been helping users get the best sleep and rest with the use of its blankets that boast of superior therapeutic technologies. 

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