New York, USA (June 29, 2020) - A hug from a loved one can be very reassuring, and can be very useful for loved ones to soothe stress and worries. The YNM weighted blanket is made of breathable fabric, and uses Deep Pressure Stimulation technology to recreate a hug-like sensation. It can ease the tension and stress of users, and let them enjoy better quality sleep. 

The soft pressure that is applied by the blankets on the body simulate the sensation of embrace. These blankets are in the weight range of 15 to 25 pounds. The Deep Touch Stimulation therapy helps relax the stress and worries of users. These can improve the secretion of melatonin and serotonin, and can keep cortisol – the stress hormone – regulated as much as possible. 

The weighted blankets use better temperature regulation features, and the breathable fabric ensures that users can feel cool and comfortable as they sleep – whether at night or during the day. Ynmsleep constantly tries to improve its blankets with newer features, so that buyers can be assured of the best experience when they use these while sleeping. 

ThYNM company is known for top-notch bed products, and its blankets have been widely appreciated in many countries across the globe. These blankets are sold to buyers across the USA and Europe. These are made with inputs from a reliable R&D team which produces weighted blankets of matchless variety. 

About YNMHome
YNMHome is a NY-based manufacturer of weighted blankets which can be found in different weights and sizes, and can be availed by children as well as adults. Customers can find blankets for King size as well as Queen size beds. 

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