New York, USA (June 28, 2020) - At a time when panic and disorder is the order of the day in most countries, due to the outbreak of the pandemic Novel Coronavirus, the weighted blankets from YNMHome are providing customers with utmost relaxation and rest. These are made with antibacterial technology, and use Deep Touch Stimulation therapy technique to help people get the best sleep. 

Each of these blankets from the ynm website comes at an affordable cost, which ensures that buyers can afford them easily and not have to pay a lot for their purchase. These are made of chic bamboo fabric and are very smooth to touch. The antibacterial surface can ensure no toxic effects for people who use these blankets for sleep. 

These blankets from the ynm company come with 7 layers and are filled up with the pellets of polyester, rice and more, as well as a large number of glass beads that can allow utmost rest and relaxation due to high level of temperature control. Made of pure bamboo viscose and having limited fiber filling, the blankets have been awarded and recognized by the Time Magazine. 

The blankets can also absorb moisture, and let the surface stay cool, allowing superior comfort and rest for customers as they sleep wrapped in them. All of these comes at an affordable price, which can assure that all kinds of buyers can afford the purchase of these high quality bed products from YNM. 

About YNMHome
YNMHome is a big company that is based in NY, and the ynm weighted blanket ensures the best rest and sleep for users who buy them. These are very pleasurable to use.

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