(July 10, 2020) - The testament to any online service is largely dependent on the results that others are seeing. When it comes to a platform for helping users improve their IELTS essay writing skill, Writing9 has great brand advocates all thanks to their IELTS Latest Writing Topics. Their exhaustive repository of current IELTS writing topics have helped many students practice their language skills and get better at it with time. 

Users from around the world trust Writing9 for their IELTS writing latest topics and this goes on to show how instrumental they have been in helping as many as 19,505 achieve their life goals. All their registered users have great things to say about this platform and a few of them are:

“This is magic for IELTS students! Writing9 improved my writing score from 5 to 6 in only 2 weeks! (I took the AIT English entry test. It has the same criteria evaluation as IELTS). It is a very useful tool and easy to predict my test score! I am going to use it for my next retest and my university essay too.” - Siwarat Pattanasri

“Writing9 is a great tool for a student like myself. I have found it really easy to use and really like how it highlights my mistakes. It is my pleasure to know your application by chance. It is a very useful site there are not too many types for IELTS writing like this. One of the functions impressing me is detail correction. I cannot express how I am satisfied with your invention. Best service ever.” - Minh Tue Nguyen

“Easy and fast service, very accurate and powerful. I have been looking for a quick solution to check my IELTS essays for a few weeks now. This service is the perfect solution.” - Eugeniy Tsymbal

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