Jinan, China (Aug 14, 2018) - The manufacturing process for furniture, automotive parts and consumer goods has changed radically with the modern technology available and Rushing Speed is on the forefront of computer numerical control (CNC) machines for multiple industries.

The CNC machines produced by Rushing Speed are multi-faceted pieces of equipment that feature intelligent links to other nested machines. The equipment requires only one to two people to operate, providing savings on labor costs, and the machines load and unload automatically. Rushing Speed offers multiple types of CNC wood routers to accommodate the widest range of needs.

The CNC Axis Processing Center Router from Rushing Speed is particularly beneficial in the wood processing industry. It provides a single, cost effective solution for cutting, drilling, trimming and prototype work that can be accessed from all angles. The CNC wood router can be easily integrated with a company’s current CAM and engineering software.

The CNC Cutting & Drilling Router is a favorite of companies that build kitchen cabinetry, panel furniture and wooden furniture. The flying-arm type woodworking CNC router is appropriate for small and large boards, features auto clamp functionality and is designed with double work stations. It cuts, drills, mills and performs side grooving.

Foam can be one of the most difficult materials with which to work, but the CNC Foam Making Router offers a solution for high-speed actions ranging from milling to side grooving. It’s suitable for wood pattern casting, auto industry stamping and trim, engineering non-plastics, and non-metal processing.

For companies that require an elevated level of processing power, the CNC Five-Faces provides maximum efficiency, an automatic loading pallet, automatic unloading, and mechanical grippers. The CNC wood router only requires one person for all processing and features intelligent linking to other machines. It’s equally appropriate for cabinetry, furniture, plastic and PVC, insulating parts, organic glass, acrylic, artificial stone and aluminum.

The wide variety of CNC router machines offered by Rushing Speed are highly prized in woodworking industries for their durability, versatility, and zero-error manufacturing and finishing. The equipment is cost effective and used by a wide variety of the most well-known companies worldwide for precision manufacturing.

About Rushing Speed CNC Equipment & Machine Co., Ltd.
Founded in 2004 as a small-scale repair shop in Jinan, China, Rushing Speed has grown to become a global maker and designer in some kinds of CNC machines, CNC router machines, high precision CNC professional center machines, and CNC Water Jet cutting machines. Marketed domestically and exported to five continents, the machines are used in wood furniture manufacturing, automobile and automotive components manufacturing, consumer goods, and industrial machinery and equipment. The name is synonymous with quality, technology and reliable products and services.

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