August 16, 2018: 4K TVs have become quite popular these days and there are plenty of people who are now choosing to invest in a 4K TV monitor. While this has a lot to do with the reduced prices of the 4K monitors, there is also the reason that more people are now learning about the distinct visual advantages that come with a 4K TV. However, some users go as far as using a 4K TV as monitor for a computer. It is a common misconception that the computer monitor and a 4K TV monitor can change interchangeably. However, the truth is one should never use these monitors like that and there are several reasons why it is better to stick to a standard computer monitor instead of using a 4K TV as a monitor.

A TV monitor can be used for playing different types of media files, Blu-ray videos, OTA TV as well as for enjoying Netflix programs. When a buyer looks to buy a TV, he or she is mainly looking to get a visuaal medium that can be used for enjoying different types of programs that are associated with entertainment. The TV is also well suited for watching different kinds of sports and games. The TV can also be used with a gaming console for playing different types of video and multimedia games. However, it is still not a good idea to use a 4K TV as computer monitor.

Just like a TV monitor, a computer monitor can also be used for enjoying a wide range of media such as movies, music, videos, OTA TV and Netflix. However, computers are also used for web browsing, working on Word documents, editing videos and images, reading PDF files as well as working with other kinds of software components. As TVs are mostly used for consumption of media, the priorities focus mainly towards features which improve immersion, such as larger screens, enhanced resolution, excellent vivid colors and HDR components. Even though such features are also welcome in a computer screen, it is necessary to have sufficiently clear readable text along with low input lag to ensure responsive keyboard and mouse operation. This is something that one cannot get by using 4K TV as monitor.

One of the major problems with a 4K TV is that it only offers support for 4K at Chroma 4:2:0 over HDMI. This involves color compression which eventually leads to the loss of various finer details such as text during the transmission. While this is not really a problem while watching TV programs and movies, it can be a major problem while looking at Word documents and browsing computer webpages. Issues that result from the static single pixels often undermine the experience of using a computer. Therefore it is better not to use 4K TV as monitor for computer.  

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