Shanghai, China (August 4, 2018) – No one expects to need a divorce attorney, but when the occasion arises, the Chinese law firm of Bund Nuo Di is there to help. The team at the law firm has extensive expertise in family law and was one of the first to specialize in Chinese divorce law.

Family law encompasses much more than the distribution of property or child custody when a couple desires a divorce. The dissolution of a marriage can involve legacy inheritances and have an international impact. The Chinese divorce lawyers can assist with prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, cohabitation, domestic violence cases, and recognition of foreign judgments, along with wills, divorce litigation, and the division of property and real estate.

Divorce is a highly complicated and complex procedure and individuals need the services of a Chinese divorce lawyer before they decide to file. The proceedings are seldom amicable, though they can be, and Bund Nuo Di works to relieve clients of the emotional and mental distress associated with a divorce. There may be multiple homes, the education and custody of children, spousal support, substantial monetary assets, and international residency issues to be considered.

With increased business interests and international travel, many marriages become complicated by dueling cultures. Multilingual lawyers are available that are fluent in English, Japanese, Mandarin and Mongolian. For many couples, living together even after divorce is preferable due to financial concerns and the Chinese law firm is experienced in navigating cohabitation agreements.

A divorce may be denied due to certain circumstances, making it essential to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer to ensure compliance with all laws, rules and regulations. The law firm of Bund Nuo Di has a proven record of success and experience within the myriad of intricacies, details and nuances of divorce law that may arise.

The Chinese law firm of Bund Nuo Di treats each client with the utmost respect. The law practice is one of the earliest to focus on international marriage and family legal services, earning a superior reputation from clients for its knowledge, experience and expertise.

About Bund ND Law Firm:
Founded in 2007, the Bund Nuo Di law firm is based in Shanghai, providing comprehensive legal solutions to foreign individuals. The firm has more than 10 years of legal experience that includes marriage and family, inheritance and wills, criminal and civil litigation and resolution, labor disputes, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and awards, and individual investment, along with maritime law, banking regulation, environmental protection, international trade, shareholder actions and company law. The law practice is dedicated to providing professional, efficient and world-class services to its customers.

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