(September 25, 2020) – Shorter URLs can bring many benefits to people. Understanding this, releases a new URL Shortening tool for free. With this tool, people make a long URL into a short link – for free.

When a URL is short, it will become easier to remember and to type. A short URL will help with easily sharing a website link over the phone, in person, or with another device. The reason is that shorter URLs are easier to type and remember.

In addition to all these things, shortening the URL can benefit people because the they can easily remember a short URL against a longer one. To make sure that every person gets these benefits, helps to shorten a URL with ease.

All that a person will have to do to get a URL Shortened quickly from is to provide a valid email address in order to login. Once they have the login credentials with this website, they can create as many short URL's as they would like to. also offers monthly premium plan. When they opt for a monthly premium plan, apart from shortening their URLs, they can get other services like tracking who has clicked the links, access to tracking statistics, and ability to update the shortened URL link name with a custom name. When they choose a paid plan, the premium features will stay valid and automatically move to free mode unless renewed.

The purpose of this website is to make URL shortening easier for people. This service is similar to and

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