September 23, 2020: Even until a few years ago, startups were the primary organizations to hire CFO and other freelancing professionals. Things have changed vastly in the last few years. Today, major multi-national companies are opting for freelance talents to serve their varied business needs. Finding the most talented freelancing professionals is not a big problem anymore, with the FlexC Work platform around to offer assistance. 

This is a platform that connects verified freelancing professionals to the gigs and projects posted by entrepreneurs out there, including projects from startups as well as small, mid-sized and big businesses. Today, even major MNCs are open to hiring freelancer professionals, courtesy improvement in information technology, digitalization, downturn, Covid-19 and many other factors. 

The freelancing professionals curated by the FlexC platform are talents who come with deep level of expertise and many years of work experience. The testimonials and feedback scores help reduce the selection and hiring time for business owners. 

The platform uses AI Based Matching technology. Its customized AI Solution comes with machine learning engine and integrated Data Science for Data Driven insights. This helps match the right talents to the right kind of projects.

About FlexC Work
FlexC Work is a top-notch online platform that connects the best freelancer Virtual CTO, Expert Consultants and other professionals to the right projects and gigs, according to their experience level and skill set. 

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