(April 05, 2020) - Until two months back, the world was normal with people going to work, stepping out for a drink, going on their holidays, meeting friends and families for dinner, shopping, and everything else that is a part of anybody’s normal life. These things do not seem special - however, it took one pandemic to show the world how important it is to have the freedom to live a normal life. Being able to step out for any impromptu plans is almost a luxury now.

With major events around the world cancelling, it’s safe to say that the definition of a normal day in people’s lives has changed completely. People cannot move around anymore, they need to stay and home and practice social distancing in the hope to curb the spread of this pandemic. And in this process, finding alternate ways of doing things via the internet has become more important than ever. 

This has led to the endless possibilities of online social clubs or online co working spaces and more. In this regard, AlloFlare has the potential to become the future of shared workspaces and social clubs and more for everyone in or interested in fashion. AlloFlare is more than a social club/online co-working space. Just for the monthly, annual, or lifetime membership, people can use it is as a place where they can exchange goods, services, and ideas with anyone in the fashion industry.

The benefits of joining this community:

• Post products/services for sale on their Marketplace
• Post fashion related events and meet-ups and meet members in person
• Option to earn money for inviting friends into the community
• Exchanging messages and meet real lifetime friends
• Creating groups easily and exchanging Stars with individual ones.
• Finding products, services, members, brands, and events easily

AlloFlare LLC is also giving people the option for trying out their platform for free before signing up on a membership with them. Their monthly membership is for $11 and people have the option to try it out for free for one whole month. 

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