London, UK (April 23, 2020) – Most people love music. Thanks to the music services online that feeds their interest for music. For those concerned about Tidal vs Spotify to identify, which one will be the best choice for them, the right comparison of both these services is done by MusConv to help them choose the suitable option to quench their thirst for music.

The post made by MusConv for Tidal vs Spotify comparison starts with the statement that reads even though Tidal has been delivering strategically solid and creative services in this industry for years, it has been off the radar for some time now.

For instance, in the present situation, Tidal is not in a position to draw new subscribers. So, it is believed to not have the potential to fight against Spotify. When comparing Tidal Vs Spotify, there is a common thing between them. It is that both of them offer lossless music.

In addition to comparing both these services, MusConv also offers the facility to move playlists, library and tracks from Tidal to Spotify and even vice versa. It means that irrespective of the service they choose, they can continue to listen to their favourite songs in both.

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When they choose the basic package offered by MusConv, users can transfer unlimited tracks and playlists.

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